About Us

Patchwork Chicken Studio Art and Home

Patchwork Chicken Studio is a collective of creative artists and writers interested in fiber/fabric goods for your kitchen and home, and mixed-media artwork and jewelry. All of our items are handmade with love and care, using recycled and premium materials. We believe practical things should still be pretty, and that pretty things should still be practical.
It started with crocheted cotton rag rugs in 2016, and has evolved since then to include kitchen linens like hand-woven cotton towels and dish cloths, handy microwave bowl lifters, sturdy hot pads and coasters created from recycled denim jeans and brightly-colored cotton calicoes, cozy cotton baby quilts made with new materials, hand-woven winter scarves from premium fibers, totes made from recycled jeans and plastic feed bags, jar cozies for quart jar drinkers and Nalgene bottles, patchwork "crazy-quilt" denim items, and framed pieces of antique quilts that are no longer sturdy enough for the bed. There is also something for the kid in all of us - animal stuffies (cats, dogs, and llamas)!
In 2018, a third member joined the collective with her amazing mixed media & beaded art pieces and pendants. She also makes amazing drawstring totes and tortilla warmers..
Two of our collective members are writers, as well, and offer their books (contemporary romance, and poetry) for sale.
We vend at craft shows throughout Colorado (all of our events are listed on our events page), all year round, as well as making our items available for purchase elsewhere through consignment shops and our online presence.