Cotton Drawstring Backpack - Paint Swirl

Cotton Drawstring Backpack - Paint Swirl

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This drawstring bag is constructed two layers of cotton calico and assembled with reinforced seams. This distributes the weight of any contents put within, making the contents feel lighter and significantly reducing back strain. The double-stitched seams make the bag sturdy and long-lasting.

As with all of our backpacks, the fabric selection is one-of-a-kind: Abstract Swirl, shimmery solid chartruse, and solid deep pink.

The continuous loop flat straps do not dig into the shoulders even when weighted down. The straps are the closure to the bag so it is fully closed and secure when worn.

The backpack is 13" wide and 145" tall. The interior contains a cell phone friendly pocket to keep your phone close at hand.

Patchwork Chicken Studio's drawstring bags are designed to be comfortable even when worn for long periods of time and carrying lots of items.

Fantastic for taking along to events, concerts, festivals, sleepovers, etc. Great for everyday use too!

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