Bowl Cozies - Barbecue
Bowl Cozies - Barbecue
Bowl Cozies - Barbecue

Bowl Cozies - Barbecue

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Patchwork Chicken Studio's unique design for our Premium Bowl Cozies accommodates multiple sizes of bowls and can also be used as a portable placemat under any size plate.

Our design is non-reactive in the microwave, and features tops constructed with sturdy cotton canvas, cotton denim, or cotton corduroy, and the bottoms are double-faced cotton quilted fabric. This creates a durable, washable, and beautiful bowl cozy that lasts for years no matter how many times they are washed.

The multi-layer construction provides maximum protection from the heat radiating from the bowl or plate while also keeping spills in check. The tightly woven fabric of the top layer laughs at any spill's futile attempt to soak through.

Just place the bowl in (or a plate on top of) the bowl cozy and place them in the microwave, and heat as normal. You can then remove it by placing your hands under the cozy, keeping those fingers and hands safe from the microwave’s heating wrath.

A wonderfully practical must-have for any kitchen which is sold as a matching set of 2.

Bowl and spoon not included.